Finding the balance as a working parent

Finding the balance as a working parent

20 July 2019

The perfect mix between work and home life is never easy for anyone to achieve. When that equation welcomes in children the balancing act becomes even more difficult! Between childcare, school runs, meetings, deadlines... there is a lot to think about for any parent trying to excel in their career.

Working parents also get the added bonus of guilt! Worrying if the choices made are the right choices for the family, are the children missing out because we aren’t around all the time… are they benefiting more from nursery and communicating with others because they have working parents?

Something that helps hugely with this balancing act is working for a business that respects how difficult it is to be a working parent and allows for flexible working. In an age of changing times, more and more companies are becoming open to the idea that flexible working is better for productivity.

The benefits of flexible working for parents:

  • The flexibility to meet family needs and personal obligations. The best of both worlds being there for your child as well as having the mental challenge and stimulation of work.

  • Reduced commuting times, lower fuel costs and consumption. Saving the planet and your stress levels at the same time! Working from home saves on average 2 hours a day that would usually be spent sat in rush hour traffic staring at break lights!

  • Reduced childcare costs. Although flexible working still requires childcare for many, it does reduce the amount of hours needed. If a couple are both working flexibly then there is a chance that no childcare would be required at all.

  • Increased feeling of control over schedule and workload. Flexible workers are able to manage their time and schedule to what suits them best, this means that they are often much more productive and proactive with their approach to work.

If this opportunity is lacking in your current role and is affecting your work life balance then rest assured there are plenty of businesses where flexibility is prioritised. Forward thinking companies are open to your skill set and your dedication whilst allowing you the control over your own personal and work life that you need. To find out more about what roles are available and the company culture that would suit you, please get in touch with our team today.

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